My Favorite Theme Pages

                                                                               They are mostly related to Biblical accounts and stories but some

                                                                               others illustrate a range of social issues and behaviors.

                                                                               Most are intended for fun but some have a more serious message.


                                                                               Don't hesitate to give me your feedback, any suggestions and

                                                                               ideas for other topics to include in these theme pages.

                                                                    Have fun, Thanks for your visit and come again.



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Adam & Eve


How the first bad apple ruined everything from the start.

Noah and the Flood.


The year 2003. Noah is threatened by a "Flood of Redtape" !

Ab-Ram and Windows.


How God provided the RAM that Ab-Ram so badly needed to prevent the ultimate sacrifice.



What if God ???.


Have you ever wondered what would happen to us..... IF GOD  behaved like us


Cyber Marriage: Husband Program.


The marriage relationship computer program from the FEMALE perspective


Cyber Marriage: Wife Program


The marriage relationship computer program from the MALE perspective




The Aging Process.


A step by step journey through life's ONLY dead serious joke!

Senior Citizens.


Shows why getting older does not mean living life as second class citizens!


God's Credentials.


Need 100% reliable, round the clock and TOTALLY FREE help in any aspect of your life? Read the perfect resume.





Jesus' Christmas Letter


Have you ever wondered what Jesus himself really thinks about the way we celebrate his  birthday "Christmas" .



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