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Even though the following editorial is written specifically for the United States of America, I believe it applies to most nations which claim Christianity as the foundation and tradition of the land.This is a very long editorial, so we have only printed the first paragraph, but you can read all the chapters by clicking on the INDEX links at the end of the introduction.



Shocked at what you see above? Is the blood pressure raising a bit at the thought that anybody would ever suggest such a preposterous illustration, and a very crude one at that! Even as your emotions may be churning somewhat, please try to hold on for a bit and continue to explore this issue.

Very few persons are willing to honestly face what has been happening to our nation which finds itself in what pilots describe as a "graveyard spiral!" That's when a pilot has become disoriented and loses control of his aircraft with no hope of recovery. The result is a fatal crash! I once heard a heart-rending plea from a pilot who had little experience in flying by instruments. He ran into foul weather and in contact with some airport controllers made a frantic plea for help -- his last words on the tape, "Please help me!", were uttered just seconds before he crashed.

God's special revelation (the divinely inspired and authoritative holy Scriptures) is the only appropriate source of information to consult as to how we as a culture are handling our spiritual, moral, ethical, and social responsibilities. It begins first with each individual and ultimately moves to corporate responsibility involving groups of persons in different contexts such as government, church, business and corporation, education, etc. In essence God's revelation via the holy Scriptures enables us to fly through foul weather (the spiritual, moral, and ethical confusion that is presently engulfing the nations of this world) with confidence and to reach our eternal destination safely!

But things are not going well in a "paradise" known as the United States -- because of certain trends which took place particularly in the last half of the 20th Century we can observe that nails are being pounded into our republic's coffin! And it seems that not a few persons and groups are eager to get their hands on the hammer and help pound in one of those nails!

Each one is described and at the beginning after the "nail" is identified, there is a definition of the word used. Dictionary definitions are from Webster's New Universal Dictionary. An index is listed in case you want to go to one area before some of the others in the order in which they are listed. The links for each "nail" will take you directly to that location. And a return link at the end of the details under that nail will take you back to the index for further challenge as you look at another coffin nail

Oh yes, just one more thing -- about that R.I.P. on the coffin -- note it does not mean "Rest in Peace" as is the common interpretation of those initials as they may appear on a tombstone, but rather it means "Rebel in Principle" which is the prevailing mood and spirit of our nation at the present time -- and there is no loud, clear, and consistent call by leadership and throughout the mass media that we need to repent and get ourselves right with a holy God before He brings judgment as He has done many times throughout the centuries of human history! --- cdh




Nail #1 = A Confounded Love

Nail #2 = A Conceding Church

Nail #3 = A Contradictory Government

Nail #4 = A Contagion of Idolatry

Nail #5 = Consigned Children

Nail #6 = A Conflagration of Immorality

Nail #7 = Contaminated Sabbaths

Nail #8 = Contrived Origins



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